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Ye-ye-ye-yep, yes lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Tedashii - He Lives lyrics download mp3 He’s Alive
From the dark to the light chords Tedashii - He Lives lyrics lyrics sunrise
Everybody who be driven they thinkin’ that He’s gone
Gonna be in for a big surprise
Walla uh huh, right there before they eyes
He’ll be back, ain’t cut no slack
for the cats who try to hide Lies
that’s what they say I drop, cats so lost
Caught up with they-selves but they rebel
Yes sir they gon’ be shocked-shock, clear

They dead now, can’t live just on that bread
naw I chokehold what he said
now I’m his pupil yes no retina
He done preached it from the mountain
and three thousand all believed it
And he called me on the campus
and I answered and received Him
From the witnesses that seen Him
to the heathens who not preach Him
The proof is in the change; unashamed
that’s how we reach ’em
And so I stand up, I will never stand down
Worship with my hands up, humbled by Him
man down Yes sir, that is it
I will never call it quits
Pressin’ on, that’s how I know
I’m his and that he lives

He lives I-I-I am so glad
He lives Might say that he died
but he rose again R-r-rose again
He’s alive And now that I’m dead to my sin
In me is a place he can live
I’ll serve him until he comes back again
B-b-b-back again
He’s alive I’ll tell ’em that
I’ll tell ’em that he lives

What’s that gotta do with me, huh?
I’m just tryna stack my bread
I ain’t bother nobody or robbin’ nobody
like I done just got out the feds
I heard what the preacher done said (what’s that?)
That Jesus popped outta the grave
But what does that have to do with me
and all of these bills that gotta get paid?
And all of these mouths I gotta feed?
Plus my old lady complainin
I’m tryna live kinfolk, although I see what you sayin’

But if you see what I’m sayin’
then you would know it is Truth
positive that the God man really is
who he say he is Took on human flesh
and hit the Earth Lived the perfect life
first, then he took that crucifix
hen he resurrected; that validated that he is God
Did you say Jesus is God? Yes I said Jesus is God!
So, what that means is
all, human beings is his creation
we should praise him for his patience
then repent All you gotta do now just confess
Turn from your sin put your soul to rest
He resurrected, you get forgiveness
Give him your all and nothing less


Three days… Just enough to make these people say
He gone he wrong, he on his own
He left us here, we all alone
But naw… You got it twisted
Clear like the sky but I guess you missed it
ut we ain’t cord kord chord Tedashii - He Lives lyrics kunci gitar done yet, ’til there ain’t none left
be patient, hope you listen Cause when he touch down
no replay You should run now, no relay Who can turn down
what he say? Man I’m turned up
Know he lay out the grave, that’s the reason I am saved

Not for rules so I behave, but so I can be remade
In his image, I am finished, period, minus the sentence
Through repentance in an instant
I’m so helped, call it Christian
ause he lived, I know that’s real
ou sayin’ prove it, peep the movement
Unashamed ’til the end, I’ll tell ’em that he lives


I’ll tell ’em that I’ll tell ’em that he lives [x3]
I’ll tell ’em that, I’ll tell ’em that
I’ll tell ’em that he lives [x3]
I’ll tell ’em that, I’ll tell ’em that
I’ll tell ’em that he lives I’ll tell ’em that he died
I’ll tell ’em that he rose, and I’ll tell ’em
He’s alive I’ll tell ’em that he lives [x3]
I’ll tell ’em that, I’ll tell ’em that
I’ll tell ’em that he lives

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